Our 7 Step Process

To make the most of Skills360 over time follow these simple steps.

Register on Skills360 and then login.

Skills360 Registration Screen

Complete a profile quiz to tell us a little about yourself, where you are now and where you'd like to be.

Skills360 Profile Quiz Screen

Complete the Skills360+ quiz. This is your organisational health check and gives you your initial Skills360+ score that you can improve over time.

Skills360+ Quiz Screen

Register your volunteers, workforce or participants on Skills360 – encourage them to develop themselves.

Skills360 Dashboard Layout

Add any training and volunteering opportunities you want to share with your people or others to your organisation profile.

Skills360 Volunteering Opportunities Listing Screen

Complete the development opportunities recommended to improve your organisation's Skills360+ score.

Skills360 Activity Feed Screen

Use the activity feed to evidence your organisations expertise and impact, connect with the community or trusted partners to help you develop your organisation further or support organisations in their journey.

Skills360 Community Screen