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At Skills360 we believe in developing the ‘whole person’. We are here to get you the best support possible in developing your skills, reaching your goals and securing the employment opportunities you want and deserve.

For Individuals

Our Approach

Going Full Circle

Skills360+ is a diagnostic tool that provides you with a personalised and unique 'Employability Health Check'. It looks at factors such as your transferable skills, your core skills and knowledge, your work experience and qualifications to provoke you with a Skills360 score.

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Accumulate & Use

Tailored Results

The results of your Skills360+ will point you directly to personalised training and development opportunities or volunteering and paid work opportunities that you can access immediately.

Our Approach

Your Skills360+ Score

After accessing these opportunities, you can retake your Skills360+ and build your score – showing your development over time. As your Skills360+ increase you can also earn discounts on training!

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Full Access

A Library of Opportunities

Access our whole library of opportunities and resources that you can filter further to find something for you.

Trusted Partners

Connecting You To Our Partners

Get involved with our trusted partners who can provide further support and offer many opportunities to grow your experience.

Connecting You To Our Partners

Collaborate & Share

The Community

Access to a growing wider community for you to connect and share experiences with. You can even share your expertise and help develop others. Post in the feed to provide evidence of your skills development in application forms, your CV or to use in job interviews.

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The Skills360 App

Record evidence of your skills development when you're volunteering or at work by using the Skills360 app

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