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Skills360 is here to support community-based projects and organisations to become safer, more inclusive, more diverse, more competent, more efficient and more resilient.

For Organisations

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If you are a leader of a project or organisation we provide access to training and development tools that support your volunteers, workforce and participants to build the necessary skills, experience and qualifications needed for your organisation to thrive.

  • Our Skills360+ diagnostic provides a personalised and unique organisational health check.
  • The results of your Skills360+ will point you directly to personalised development and support based on your needs.
  • You can retake your Skills360+ diagnostic and build your score – showing your organisation's development over time
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Empower Your Users

Your People

Register your volunteers, workforce or participants on Skills360. Use Skills360 help your people obtain the skills they need to perform their jobs and support them in their wider journey of development.

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A Library of Opportunities

Access our whole library of opportunities and resources that you can filter further to find something for you.

Our Partners

Trusted Partners

Gain Further support from trusted sources such as national training providers or Skills360 Champions who are based in community organisations and offer support to others and become a Trusted Partner in your community.

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The Community

Use the activity feed to gain access to a growing wider community for you to connect and share with.

Post training and volunteering opportunities on your Skills360 profile - promoting the good work you do to your community and a wider audience